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Parents Need Parents

Learn why families thrive best together, and how to can find the best fit of parent support in your community


Who is your parenting support?

Submitted by Rita Brhel on 8 August 2022

There's a saying that "it takes a village to raise a child."

For sure! Parents need a solid support circle, but it's incredibly important that the people included in your supportive social ties be aligned with your parenting goals.

This is especially true for new parents. We grow in our confidence, as parents, as we grow in our parenting. As we all are with any new skill, our confidence can be a little shaky at first and we can be impressionable when first starting out and still solidifying our parenting goals and approach. 

Why we need face-to-face parenting support

Submitted by Rita Brhel on 19 June 2022

 As the world continues its love affair with technology, we human beings seem to become more disconnected and isolated from each other. 

Yet we are connected in unseen ways, part of a larger design and consciousness. Most of us have likely experienced being around people or being in an environment that gave us good or bad feelings, or "vibes." At the same time, being around others who are positive and calm when we are feeling overwhelmed or out of control can influence us to become more positive and calm ourselves. Described in scientific terms, we become more "coherent."