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Share / Soothe

by Emily Cherkin on May 31, 2023

This morning, it snowed in Seattle. It reminded me of the night Max was born, almost exactly five years ago, when it was sunny and rainy and windy and then, in the middle of the night when we were upside-down with time and date, we looked out the window and saw snow swirling around.

How long has it been since your child's birth? How many times have you shared your birth story with others? How do you continue to celebrate the good and work through the challenges?


by Annie Urban on May 23, 2023

Some days, I feel like I do a pretty good job of balancing my career, my family, and myself. Other days, it feels like I'm falling desperately behind and failing on all three counts.

Balance is not one-size-fits-all. In what ways have you discovered how to spend more time with your kids?

by Effie Morchi on May 16, 2023

I placed the diaper on the kitchen counter. I stared at it and felt a sense of relief and a hint of joy. Memories started to flood my mind.

What will you miss from this stage of parenting? How can you enjoy more of the time with your child in the moment?

by Sarah on May 09, 2023

My 9-year-old son has never said "I love you."

In what ways other than saying "I love you," does your child communicate that he or she loves you? How can you communicate your love for your child today without words?

by Kit Jenkins on Apr 04, 2023

While social media has made constant and instantaneous connection easier, there is nothing quite like going to a face-to-face meeting and interacting with other parents and their children in real time. Having a parents' group means having a common thread with other families to help us create a safe, still space when it seems that our world is constantly in motion.

Who is someone you could reach out to about meeting up at the park for a playdate and parent-to-parent conversation?

by Julia Cameron on Mar 28, 2023

We tend to believe that only a few people are genuinely creative, that they are born knowing they are creative and that they go through life with that creative spark undimmed. But we are all creative, we all have a divine spark within us, we all have the capacity to tap into our originality, and we all have gifts whether we recognize them or not.

When can you set aside 15 minutes of today for something you love to do?

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. on May 03, 2023

Amber Strocel has 2 children. She lives in British Columbia, Canada.

Shape / Soothe

by Rita Brhel on May 02, 2023

We want to celebrate our child's unique traits, but sometimes their differences can be worrying. We wonder if they seem a little out of step with developmental milestones or when their temperament seems much different when compared with other children?


by Catherine McTamaney on Apr 26, 2023

My partner and I had asked all the big questions as we got ready for the birth of our son. We'd prepared ourselves both physically and spiritually for what we expected to be a smooth, beautiful childbirth assisted by our midwife.  It just never occurred to me that we would need anything besides each other to welcome our child into this world.

How do you feel about your childbirth experience? In which ways, did your experience help you to bond with your baby?

by Julia Cameron on Mar 23, 2023

If we look to perfection to judge our work by, we will always fall short, so it's very important to model that it's OK to be imperfect.

What is one thing you do well in how you are raising your child? How can you reframe your goals to be able to celebrate your mini-milestones?


by Rita Brhel on Apr 18, 2023

Absolutely the greatest contribution I can make toward Earth's stewardship is to raise children who care.

What are your favorite activities to do in nature? What is one activity you can share with your child this week?

by Amber Strocel on Apr 11, 2023

I breastfed both of my babies. Once we got the hang of things, it was easy. Then I introduced solid foods. I decided that presenting healthy options wasn't enough. I wanted to get them involved in the food they eat.

How do you involve your children in their food?