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by Elizabeth Wickoren on Nov 29, 2022

Underestimating the amount of mess that can be made with two cans of shaving cream was a grave error in judgment on my part.

While the whole point of art is to enjoy the process and not worry too much about the end result, I lost that focus while gazing at pictures of magical, snowy trees and imagining my kids making something similarly cute.

What lessons have you learned, or relearned, through experiences gone awry?

by staff on Nov 22, 2022

Warm relationships with other adults sustain us when we're struggling or feeling isolated. These "villages" are our connected communities of caring adults who support us in nurturing our relationships with our children. 

The idea is that “our people” come alongside us when it’s hard, help us answer our questions, encourage us to grow into our roles as moms and dads. And we do the same for them! That’s what it means to be part of our village.

What does your village look like?

by Judy Sanders on Nov 15, 2022

Why regularly share the evening meal as a family? How does this routine activity serve us beyond nourishment? It has been said that the table is the heart of the home. At the table, we rejoin the pack in a timeless ritual. We are no longer separate and solitary; we regain our identities as part of a greater whole.

What does your family table look like?