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About #normalizeNurturing

Welcome to #normalizenurturing, a campaign of Nurturings and an ever-growing library of inspiration and encouragement to parents. 

We are all about supporting families supporting families. We're parents just like you, from all walks of life and around the world, each sharing a passion for helping parents as they find more ways of infusing nurturing into their homes.

Our contributors are you.

We are so grateful to our contributors. We celebrate families as we are each working on ways to strengthen our family bonds in this fast-paced world. We invite you to take a moment to pause, read a word of inspiration, and think of a way to bring that idea to life in your family.

We entertain a variety of perspectives and embrace opportunities to challenge and cultivate our relationship with our readers. We invite you to find what works for your family, support and encourage others, and leave the rest behind. If an idea works for you, it may work for others. If an idea doesn't work for you, it may work for others. Diversity, coupled with nurturing, makes the world a richer place. For more on #normalizenurturing's perspective, visit Nurturings.

Write for Us

We welcome your submissions (email us)! We are especially interested in parents with an international perspective; if you live outside the U.S., we want to get in touch. That said, we always a consider a well-written story from parents no matter where you live for these Categories:

>> Parent Stories - What does parenting look like in your home? How have you creatively problem-solved a parenting challenge? What ideas and tips can you share that may help other parents who are looking to infuse more nurturing into their homes?

>> Family Book Club - Read a great book, video, or other resource about parenting or family relationships lately? Ask your partner, kids, housemates, friends, or extended family for their comments on a particular passage. Send in the book title, author, and excerpt typed word-for-word (limit to 1-2 sentences please). This can give others not only a taste of a resource that may help their family but also a look into healthy family discussion.

#normalizenurturing is a volunteer venture, so there is no monetary compensation for published pieces. But don't underestimate the value of the community of sharing your story, and supporting others who read your story and take away ideas to strengthen their families.

~ Rita Brhel, editor of #normalizenurturing

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