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by Rita Brhel on Jun 06, 2024

Celebrate with us this month with a "walk" through Nurturings' last 30 years with daily posts on our Facebook page!

By Julie Artz on Mar 28, 2024

On this 30th anniversary year of Nurturings, the co-founders share about our organization’s history and impact on the wider culture

by Rita Brhel on Mar 28, 2024

I remember when the first edition of the book, Attached at the Heart, was released in 2009 – Nurturings’ 15th anniversary since its founding by the book’s coauthors

Shape / Share

by Eunice Graham on May 22, 2024

I found that building a relationship with my babies was easy. All I needed to do was cuddle, feed, and care for them. Naturally as my children grew, our relationship grew. I saw that what we did together as a family were ways for my husband and I to share our family values and stay connected over time.

What traditions and stories do you honor, share, and create as a family?

Our Contributing Authors

Shape / Soothe

by Amber Strocel on Sep 27, 2023

I have stood beside a screaming toddler while bouncing a crying baby in a checkout line at the store. I am satisfied with my parenting approach, yet I admit that some part of me does care about the opinions of others.

What helps you when parenting in public?

by Kelly Shealer on Sep 19, 2023

It's important for me to help my children develop empathy. I believe it makes for a more peaceful home.

How do you help your child learn empathy during moments of stress?

by Amber Strocel on Sep 04, 2023

My nighttime routine begins when my kids go to bed and I can get time to myself.

Which of your routines brings you the most balance right now?

by Alexis Schrader on Aug 24, 2023

Sometimes I struggle when my child is angry or having a tantrum in public or won't go to bed when I am exhausted and frustrated.

What helps you to stay calm and able to respond sensitively to your child in a moment of frustration?

Share / Soothe

by April C on Sep 12, 2023

For me, early separation and divorce were messy and complicated.

How do you support your child's relationship with their other parent?


by AJ on Aug 29, 2023

My toddler daughter has recently started pulling my hair. I’ve read a lot of online discussions about parents using timeout to discipline their children, but I’ve also read about time-in.

What moments during your day do you use time-in in how you guide your child's behavior?

by Rita Brhel on Aug 15, 2023

One year, two years, five years, 10 years...just what is the ideal spacing between siblings?

Sibling spacing and birth order aside, the most influence on whether our children form close relationships with one another is how we parent.