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Quick Ideas to Reconnect with Children This Holiday Season

Submitted by Rita Brhel on 13 December 2022

Making time to share time and interests with your child refills your love-tank and lets you bounce back after struggles. 

Small moments in every day, every week, keep us connected. Small moments mean the connections do not have to complicated to be powerful; they can be something like:

  • Stop and make eye contact over breakfast
  • Find a funny meme to share a smile together
  • Put your coat on backwards for a silly laugh together
  • Tape a note of appreciation on the bathroom mirror
  • Notice something your child does well that might not get noticed usually and ask your child about it
  • Interrupt dinner prep and give a hug
  • Make up a code word or phrase to mean "I love you" and share with your child
  • Take a walk together and talk about what you notice
  • Sit and make plans together for an adventure
  • Join your child in something he or she enjoys and share the excitement
  • Play simple games your child makes up and leads
  • Find ways to help others together.

All of these moments in time are the heartbeats that keep us connected. This heartbeat tells our children that we're there for them, we're available, we see them, and we love them. 

What small, special traditions do you share with your (even grown) children?


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