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The Terrible, Wonderful Summer Vacation: How This Mom Learned to Not Just Survive Having Her Kids Home Over the Summer, But to Love It!

Submitted by Rita Brhel on 20 July 2023

Summer vacation will have both terrible and wonderful moments. When we know that both will happen, and that we can lead our children by responding thoughtfully to the circumstances that present themselves to us, we can look forward to this season.

When did your child have an opportunity to release his pent-up frustrations? What quick list of expectations can you offer your child the next time you are about to enter a stressful situation?

Summer Vacation Offers Opportunity For Deepening Relationships With Our Children

Submitted by Rita Brhel on 5 July 2023

Still, planning for summer vacation became much easier once I moved from thinking that my children needed to fit around my schedule and instead began to think of how I could take care of my children's developmental needs, my primary responsibility as a parent.

What part of your morning routine strengthens your relationship with your child? How about later in the day?

For This Mom, Planning Ahead Makes For a More Enjoyable Summer

Submitted by Rita Brhel on 29 June 2023

One of the best things about summer vacation for children who attend traditional school is that there is no fixed schedule. While a summer schedule does not have to be as intense as during the school year, we still want to take care of them in a way that's in their best interest and give them the security of knowing that their parents are in charge and taking care of their needs.

What routines did you use last summer that you want to do again? Which routines did you do last summer that you may change because your child is a year older?

Are You a "Problem Parent"?

Submitted by Rita Brhel on 28 February 2023

Happy, confident, caring children grow up in an atmosphere of flexibility and trust, supported by respectful and realistic parents who do not see challenging behaviors as indications that there is a problem with their children. Adults and children share many of the behaviors considered to be "problem behaviors" when exhibited by children.

Which behaviors do you share with your child?

9 Parenting Resolutions for This Year

Submitted by Rita Brhel on 17 January 2023

Every January presents us with the opportunity for a fresh start, for doing things differently to make positive changes in our families' lives. These 9 resolutions helped me engage in more peaceful parenting with my children, and I hope they help you to create more joyful connection with your children this year.

In what little ways can you put a couple of these resolutions into practice in your home this week?

I am Raising Children Who Will Someday Feed Themselves: How I am Getting My Preschoolers Involved in Mealtime Now

Submitted by Rita Brhel on 11 April 2023

I breastfed both of my babies. Once we got the hang of things, it was easy. Then I introduced solid foods. I decided that presenting healthy options wasn't enough. I wanted to get them involved in the food they eat.

How do you involve your children in their food?